As a Lighting Designer, I believe I have the unique opportunity to set the tone for every production I design.  I particularly enjoy lighting music events as I get to rock out the moment and express myself through the light.

My first significant contribution to the lighting world was at the Williamstown Theatre Festival after graduating from Boston University.  The production was called The Blue Demon directed by Darko Tresnjak.  The show became a celebrated success, with remounted productions at the Huntington Theater in Boston, and adapted as an opera in Europe.

Upon arrival in NYC, I did a Fellowship at the Lincoln Center Institute under the tutelage of Beverly Emmons.

After a short hiatus in 1999 from NYC due to knee surgery, I returned to freelancing on Off Broadway productions such as Our Sinatra, and several shows in New York.

In Jan 2000 I was called by a television lighting design firm based upon a cold-sent resume and with that I started my career in lighting for video and television.  There I honed my design eye for composition on a smaller screen, but with a much larger audience.  Composition on a small screen, color, texture, and most importantly learning about how the camera interprets my lighting were all new facets of a skill that I thought I knew well.  After a long apprenticeship with designers Bruce Ferri, Chuck Noble, and Deke Hazirjian, I struck out on my own.

I now freelance, nationally and worldwide, as a Lighting Designer and Programmer.