No Filter With Katie Nolan

The Internet.  No one denies that's where the future of media is headed.  There are hundreds, if not thousnads (perhaps hundreds of thousands?) of internet-only programs out there.  Most of them are garbage.  After all, any jag-weed with a video-capable point-and-shoot can spill their guts onto YouTube in the hopes of being the next internet star.

But it's the people who are producing content that they love to produce that rise to the top of the internet show slurry. Katie's and her producers's efforts with No Filter are a testament to the 'do what you love and the money will follow' creed.  In this case, they continue to do it.

We used to shoot this show on the Crowd Goes Wild desk, with a fully lit set, superior cameras, miles of depth, and an entire control room producing the show.  Since CGW's cancellation, No Filter has been relegated to Regis Philbin's tiny old dressing room at Chelsea Piers in NYC.  But No Filter retains its larger than life appeal namely because, regardless of the venue, Katie can still sling barbs and conjure jokes in a refreshing full-steam-ahead approach.

Recently I offered to swing down to the tiny dressing-room-turned-studio to tweak the lighting for Katie.  I knew they were going to keep shooting the show and I wanted to offer my services in order to keep Katie and the new set looking super pro.

Lighting in a shoebox, I still use the same techniques I use on any big show I design.  In particular there is a technique to lighting a beautiful women's face that can make the entire image pop.  After some minor color corrections, adjustment of the level and position of the fill lights, track light and back light repositioning, and the addition of a hard key Lite Panel LED Sola over the lens, the show now has the profesional touch that enhances Katie's skin, jawline, and separates her dark hair from the dark background all while simply creating the enviroment for her razor sharp wit to thrive.

Here's the show before my tweaks:

And the show after my tweaks:

All together, the tweaks may seem minor. But it's these little touches of professionality that can seperate a great (internet) show from the bottomless slag heap that most people count as 'content'.

Huge thanks to Greg for the opportunity to lend my personal touch to a show that continues to be anything but small.


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